Nikki Tamboli steals the show on day1

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Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss on day 1 of episode 1 welcomes the contestants & seniors in the house. Bigg Boss appraises the seniors. Gauahar Khan who has set a record in her season by not breaking any rule. Hina Khan who stood strong in every task in her season. Sidharth Shukla who stood strong to establish his truth in his season. Rule Book: Gauahar to rule to kitchen, Sidharth to rule the bedroom and Hina to rule BB Mall & Gym. Freshers can get in total 7 items only per day from Hina. Rejected contestant to live outside the house in the rejected zone. On day 1 most of the time everyone seemed to be working in kitchen and having initial generic talks in the home.

  • Rahul requests kiss(task from ep0) from Nikki who rejects & then Pavitra who finally agrees when requested as friend & general kiss. But he gets misjudged by them.
  • Eijaz & Nikki seems to have indirect talks trying to make a connection but later fails utterly due to the behavior that she puts forward during requesting their items from Hina and not want to clean utensils as her nail will deteriorate.
  • Nikki & Shehzad has arguments about vegetable cutting which will make them rivals later on. Later in the day he realized that she is thankless & care only about herself.
  • Sidharth & Hina wants the house mates to fight but Gauahar wants to give them time & doesn’t want to create willfully any situation
  • Nikki denies utensils worked in Gauahar organized meeting which makes many upset by her behavior & Jasmin reacts strongly to it.
  • At the end of the day everyone starts let go Nikki for her things as it was first day(except Jasmin who finds her way of talking as inhuman).
  • On next day in the morning Eijaz & Nikki talks. Eijaz desires a fair friendship but she does not seem to in sync with the equation which makes him let her go from his friendship. she says “dost ho toh 3 bartan aur doh do” but he says “yeh chij batmizi sein aa rahi hein”. If i need to accept you as you are then you too need to accept me as i am.
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