Tasks for Rejected Contestants | Rubina fails

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Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss on day 2 of episode 2 starts with talks about juniors using Gym without getting permission from senior Hina Khan. Only 2 people are allowed to use it at a time.

  • Shehzad to Nikki: you are hardworking & good, only add sweetness to your words that way it will have impact else it goes to nothing.
  • Pavitra got sad when Gauahar interrupts her while eating (unaware that she was eating). The moment Gauahar realizes she apologized.
  • Rejected contestants get opportunity to get back into the house based on the tasks given by seniors. check out all Bigg Boss Tasks

s14 ep2 Task Entry Pass for Rejected Contestants by Seniors

Bigg Boss allows seniors (Hina Khan, Gauhar Khan & Sidharth Shukla) to plan & decide on the tasks to be given to the rejected contestants. By this these 4 contestants will get opportunity to enter into the main house. Seniors says there will be multiple rounds

  • Rubina: you need to wear the same dress for a week in the house. She denies & looses the round
  • Nishant: you have to wear bikini top on yourself for a week all the time. He does it sportingly & wins the round. Later they clear him off that.
  • Sara: you have to cut your hair to your shoulder length. She gets it done & wins the round
  • Jaan: handle the 5 kg weight for a min at your shoulder height. He does it & wins the round
  • Rubina: Eat the green chilies in 1 minute. She tries but they were too many and fails to complete & losses the round.
  • Sara: Hold 5 kg dumbbell at shoulder level for a min. During the lift her back gets a shock & she losses the round.
  • Nishant: Get the rejected tag written on forehead for the week in the house. He agrees to it & wins the round.
  • Jaan: Get mohawk hair cut. He agrees to it & wins the round.

Result: Bigg Boss announces that the final decision for the entry pass task will be taken by the rejected contestants only among themselves. One worst performer need to be chosen by them who would stay outside, rest all 3 will get inside the home. Based on majority Rubina was decided as worst performer though she does speaks for herself that she wasn’t the worst. Finally as punishment she will continue to stay outside the home.

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