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Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss on October 13 day 11 of episode 8 begins with Gulaabo Song from Shaandaar. Post Pavitra nominating Eijaz there is a tension going around that between them and is a hot topic in the house currently. Eijaz said dont hug me anymore which has hurted her. As Nikki wasn’t part of getting 7 things task anymore, the discussion went very smooth. Though she tries to inflame Jaan and Shehzad but that did not get build up & Jaan reacts a bit against her due to the word “double dolki”. Later he goes back to her. Post that the nomination task name Farm Land starts for week 2

  • Setup: Freshers are divided into two teams, seniors will be the shop tenders and Nikki is the Director(her decision will be final).
  • Pre-talk: “Sanchalak can be wrong sometimes, then voice it out” – Hina. “There is no planning in this just spot on task” – Sidharth. “My preference will be Jaan” – Nikki to Eijaz. “It all about destroying & saving” – Pavitra to Eijaz & Nikki to Jaan
  • Eijaz plays a great role of villager who requests for mitti(sand) “hamari zamin banjar hein thodi mitti de dijiye”, gifting her scent bottle
  • Gauhaur asks Abhinav & Jasmin to do a duet dance and they get one for that
  • Jasmin says “hamko tairna toh nahi hata par hum dubne ko tayar hein”. she then gets task to do 50 squads
  • Nikki: mein foul kardungi agar gudgudi ki toh. Nikki seemed to be favoring Jaan’s team.
  • Eijaz pulls over the mat very aggressively from the hands of Jasmin. Gauhaur asks Nikki to speak up as it not fair but she says its fair, let her leave the mat then. Sidharth supports Nikki. Bigg Boss finally halts it temporarily!

    Bigg Boss suggests them to build the farm instead of concentrating more on destruction: Fun starts
  • Jasmin & Jaan makes a wonderful strategy which works.
  • Pavitra was leading the team wonderfully managing their teams to do well.
  • Eijaz showed his various roles during the show, the way he talked and worked hard was impressive.
  • Post then they went building the farm & started collecting grass from Sidharth’s shop.
  • Rahul too was impressive: he danced in a yellow dress, made requests in various ways to get items. Also by himself came with idea’s like playing with shoes as mad man, dancing & to write Gauhaur name with paper on the grass(effort got appreciated), which was incredible.

    And the task’s first day ends. The contestants themselves enjoyed a lot which made their personalities to shine.
    During the task Gauhaur gives wonderful tasks to various contestants like becoming like mickey mouse, boys to wear girls dress, dancing, push-ups, swimming etc. It was extreme fun to watch them. Made a wonderful show, loved by audiences.
    This episode was very funny, entertaining and audiences loved it! It was a lot of fun with balanced fight.
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