Kavita pushes Eijaz & Captaincy task

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Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss on day 46 of episode 33 begins with the Sharukh khan’s song “Dil to pagal hein Dil Deewana hein”. Abhinav predicts that Kavita will become unpredictable in the show & bring up something unique. Post that when Jasmin is cooking Kavita starts arguing with her in a big loud voice & others start getting into it. Ali gets into it, mocking her with actions. Its worth watching the arguments. Kavita to Jasmin “Mona go to your loin”. Once again we hear “insan janane mein galti kardi maine”. After sometime Eijaz wants to use Kitchen but she is still cleaning up kitchen and once again the argument starts.
Now its Eijaz & Kavita. Eijaz says when we want then you will clean the kitchen. At that She gives a look. Eijaz comes upon her & keeps coming on Top of her and she pushes him. She says he is spitting on her face & if he comes on top of her she will keep pushing him backwards. It happens 3 plus times and again Eijaz provokes her saying push me if you can & she pushes again saying don’t come upon me. Post that Nikki & Abhinav tries to explain her to back off if he comes on top of her, even though he comes but you will look bad. She replies no one even thinks from my perspective, even Salman Khan who keeps praising Eijaz that he is doing good.
Bigg Boss at 4PM: for judgement they also look at the intentions & actions as well. Post looking the footage Bigg Boss justifies the cause & intention of Kavita was to move him away only. Post that she makes it great fun with words.

Now at 5PM the captaincy task starts: “Ek tha Raja, Ek thi Rani”

  • setup: House turned to Shahi Rajya. They like their color hearts. Others are workers & can work anywhere where they get more BB currency salary. Who has more hearts wins & in worker who has more money wins.
  • Rahul: King of black hearts
  • Rubina: King of red hearts
  • Eijaz, Pavitra & Abhinav supports Rubina. rest are supporting Rahul including Aly & Jasmin.
  • Rubina tries to play a bit fair & approve few hearts for Rahul but Rahul rejects all of her hearts so then she too changes her decision and cancels all approvals
  • When bigg boss asks them to declare final results in agreement, they both don’t come to a conclusive winner & therefore it becomes draw.
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