Double Eviction surprise Kavita & Nishant

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Episode Highlights

Today’s episode starts with individuals talking to each other and sorting their issue after weekend ka waar.

  • Abhinav to Rubina: this game is all about people throwing shit at you!
  • Rahul and Jasmin sort out their issue: Jasmin apologizes for misunderstanding him but also asks that he should have come & cleared if he was misunderstood. At the end of conversation, they both get on good understanding ground as they did not have any past personal issues.
  • Eijaz: fights with Pavitra over food eating outside. Tries but fails to resolve with Kavita. Plans with Nikki to get her dress from mall.
  • Eijaz vs Naina: Eijaz punishes Naina even though Jaan makes mistake of sharing a luxury item. At this Naina fights strongly against Eijaz and says that she will not obey his commands and will not do duty of food preparation. Later she improves it by preparing for all except Jaan & Eijaz.

Double Eviction

  • Two contestants will be eliminated: one based on fans votes & one based on house votes. If they both match then one candidate else two will be eliminated. Initially contestant vote & one person will be eliminated and if user vote match too then no more elimination.
  • Green zone eight contestants vote for elimination: Nishant get seven votes and only Naina votes against Kavita.
  • Nishant gets eliminated immediately by the house mates votes of 7/8.
  • Nishant says Good luck to everybody and exits out of the house with a salute to all & Bigg Boss.
  • On Day 31 11:00 PM the next round starts with briefcase pulled down having the name of the least voted contestant for elimination
  • And it is Kavita!
  • Which also meant fans like Nishant more than Kavita and he got wrongly eliminated from the house.
  • She does not give hug to Eijaz and left with issues unresolved.
  • Good gesture was seen from Rubina & Jasmin who immediately says thank you to fans for all their Love.
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