Jasmin becomes the Captain | Karva Chauth by Rubin for Abhinav

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Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss day 33 of episode 25 starts with Aly giving advice to Jasmin regarding the last round of the captaincy task. This is last round & is between Jasmin & Pavitra for the captaincy.

  • Pavitra & Jasmin determines to play hard & let the best person win. They agree that they will not vote out each other into red zone.
  • Naina bypasses Shardul at buzzer & becomes the sanchalak.
  • Jasmin win the captaincy as during the task Pavitra goes down from march.
  • Pavitra questions the loyalty of Shardul. He replies: ‘you promised that whatever we do in task it will not affect our relationship but now you have changed it’, which makes her realize the mistake.
  • Rubina fasts for Abhinav on occasion of Karva Chauth & says ‘anything for you my love’

Task for red zone contestants to save themselves from nomination

  • 3 participants gets option from red zone and one member who does not get opportunity is chosen by Jasmin
  • Jasmin chooses Rahul as non participant as she wants to save Rubina and give opportunity to Naina & Shardul because they are new
  • These participants selects a member from Green zone to play on their behalf and is as follows.
  • Rubina – Abhinav. Shardul – Pavitra. Naina – Nikki as other cannot participate due to various reasons.
  • Task: They need to hold a triangle & whoever hold it till the end is the winner
  • Pavitra, Nikki & Abhinav does it with great patience for hours & in between Pavitra tries to control her need to go to washroom
  • After hours bigg boss tells them to hold it by hand & not by arm which then makes opportunity to twist & win it
  • First Nikki losses the hold then tough fight is seen between Pavitra & Abhinav where finally Abhinav wins it.
  • Rubina gets saved from Nomination.
  • Abhinav dedicates it to Rubina as Karwa Chauth gift and also salutes Pavitra for a strong play.
  • At the end of the episode we see great moments between Rubina & Abhinav: Rubina breaks her day fast of Karwa Chauth
  • They thank Bigg Boss for help.
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