Angel & Demons: Rubina troubles Demons | Jaan Abused

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Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss on day 35 of episode 26 started with Bala Bala Shaitan ka Saala. Rahul & Nikki starts connecting back. Later arguments starts in the red zone over food preparation. Naina shouts on others that they don’t help in cooking but Shardul says he also does his jobs. Post this luxury budget task starts:

  • Setup: Fariste will act like Angels having good thoughts & actions. Shaitans will act as Demons with evil thoughts & intents. Both team needs to follow some rules set based on their role play. Jasmin will be the Sanchalak & she will decide who gave best & who got more rules broken.
  • Team Shaitan: Aly, Nikki & Eijaz who will try to bring out bad from the other team.
  • Team Fariste: Abhinav, Rubina, Jaan & Pavitra.
  • Jaan looses it immediately as he keeps denying to take off his shirt
  • Rubina plays it smart & never says no to any task but uses words as strategy like sure, how & where do i do this kind of play. In so much wisdom that she puts pickle over Nikki instead of herself.
  • Over this smartness of Rubina, Aly shouts over Jasmin that she is biased but Jasmin defends that she did not deny any tasks.
  • Jaan puts his hand in the toilet in obedience to it.
  • Jaan constantly gets abused by Eijaz and he reacts very strongly against him.
  • Post that it was Dant Rakshak promotion task.
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