Entry of Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya is singer by profession, his life’s success has been due to singing. He loves simplicity and finds joy in little things. He loves cars, watches and roaming in London. He says that he is ambassador of Happiness and of Love. He is open to find love in the house of bigg boss. This show had been offered to him previously too but due to his busy schedule of music shows he could not find time. During this lockdown he finally found opportunity to get in. He is looking to have good time in the house and want to be as he is. He made entry on the stage with the song mere rang mein rangne wali (by SP Subramanyam, who passed away recently 25th Sept 2020) and Salman joined him in the singing. Seniors gives them a task: earn a kiss from a girl in the house which should be witnessed by someone, then only he will be allowed to sleep.
He has done talent shows like Indian Idol and Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar.

Moments Captured

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