Captain Eijaz swaps Red & Green Zone contestants in Tabadle ki raat

In Bigg Boss Week 4 Episode 20 on October 30 we see Captain Eijaz Khan turns the table. He will swap the contestants between Red Zone & Green Zone. Ab Scene palat gaya hein is Tabadle ki raat mein

All the contestant of the red zone (Nikki, Pavitra, Rahul & Jaan) have decided together to make Eijaz as the captain. The fought with Abhinav & got successful in making him as captain in the episode 20. Now Eijaz being captain and Bigg Boss Turns the table saying Ab scene paltega with Tabadle ki raat. In this activity Eijaz has got powers to be able to swap all the contestant between red zone and green zone. It will be interesting to see who all gets swapped. (of course in a sense we already know that he will do that for all the four members).
Besides the swapping we see a big fight between Kavita & Eijaz and the breakdown or fears of Jasmin related to the actions of Rahul. In the today’s upcoming episode 21 we will see this swap decision between the follow members:

  • Nikki vs Kavita: Nikki says she is more worthy to be in green zone than Kavita
  • Jaan vs Nishant: Jaan accuses Nishant of not being loyal in friendship
  • Pavitra vs Rubina:
  • Rahul vs Jasmin: Rahul says Jasmin & her friends pickup unnecessary topics of fight

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