Kavita & Eijaz gets to physical fight & the Emperor task for captaincy

In Bigg Boss Episode 33 on November 17 we see Kavita gets physical & pushes Eijaz and the start of Captaincy task

Today the boundaries are broken & we see a physical fight happening between Kavita and Eijaz. It all starts with Kavita mentioning that the kitchen is not clean & Eijaz reacts to it. Post then as we all have been seeing recently, the hell breaks loose. Now as Eijaz keeps moving further near her in the argument, the fight escalates. At last she pushes him far off. But this triggers one more. He fights as to why he was pushed & comes upon her. She onces again shows to him that she will push like this if he comes on her.

Post this we the task for this week’s captaincy. Rahul & Rubina becomes the rules & others are their slaves who will get paid for their work. In the end whoever has the highest money will be the captain.

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